Paul Wills

“A loving, caring and supporting partner, who was always ready to help others” is how Hana, Paul’s partner, describes him.

Paul was a serving sergeant with the Lincolnshire Police when he died. He was known for his unique sense of humour and was deeply valued by his colleagues. Paul was empathetic, popular, and respected by all those he crossed paths with, both in the force and in other areas of his life.  

Paul’s gambling disorder and the difficulties it wreaked on him came as a complete surprise to Hana and all those who knew him.

He died in May 2021, aged 48. Paul’s colleagues in the Lincolnshire Police organised a fundraiser to pay for and plant two trees – an English oak and a Czech lime – in his memory.

Following Paul’s death, Hana is calling for restrictions on gambling advertising and affordability checks, in the hope that new regulations in these areas could save lives.