Our ground-breaking education programme aims to help young people and their teachers understand how addictive gambling products cause harm and can result in clinically diagnosable mental health conditions.

The programme is free from the influence of the gambling industry and is one of several much-needed prevention measures.

Our programme

UK children addicted or at risk of addiction

Created and delivered by people with lived experience, our evidence-based and evaluated programme lets young people know the risks of engaging with the most harmful forms of gambling, focusing on how addictive products are designed and the methods and impact of gambling industry marketing practices. 

Our film

The programme includes an award-winning film which is based on lived experience and includes testimony from professionals and people who have suffered gambling harms. The film illustrates how gambling disorder can develop over time and the consequences it can have. You can watch the trailer below.

The trailer for our award-winning education film, which complements our programme.

The pilot

50% increase
in students connecting gambling with risk

In 2021 and 2022, we piloted the programme in schools and colleges across England and Northern Ireland. The launch received widespread publicity including in national media.

During this period, the programme reached 3,479 young people in England and NI and resulted in the following outcomes:

  • 23% increase in people thinking the gambling industry is responsible for preventing harms
  • 27% increase in understanding of the products with the greatest risk of harm
  • 20% decrease in thinking the individual is responsible for gambling harms
ITV News report covering the launch of our education programme.

Find out more

Following a successful pilot, we are now testing different delivery methods of our programme at schools and colleges across England and NI, including a training workshop for teachers and youth workers.

For more info, or if you’d like us to deliver the programme at your school or organisation, please download the overview PDF below and get in touch with Emily Beck, our Education Manager, at