Chapter One

A lack of training, support and information has deepened the gambling public health crisis across the UK leaving those affected suffering alone.   

To ensure people can get the right information and help for gambling harms much earlier, in 2023 we launched Chapter One in partnership with Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA).

Every day someone in the UK takes their life because of gambling and up to 1.4 million adults are addicted, with 80,000 children addicted or at-risk. Despite this, only 0.5% of people experiencing gambling harms who may benefit from treatment and support are accessing it.

Chapter One provides the public with evidence-based information on the causes and effects of gambling addiction, along with self-protection tools, and access to effective treatment and support options, free from the influence of the gambling industry.

There is dedicated information and guidance for those who are close to someone suffering from gambling addiction, which helps them understand what their loved one is going through, and how and why they should help.

By accessing Chapter One, those suffering gambling harm know that they are not alone, that it’s not their fault, and that there is help available.

As well as supporting the public, Chapter One provides resources and training for professionals who may encounter someone experiencing gambling harms. Participants receive tools and information on how to identify the causes and effects of gambling harms, how to support someone and refer to treatment.

Over 500 professionals from a range of settings including healthcare and social services have received the training and a dedicated ‘Professionals Hub’ is on the Chapter One website to provide additional support and information.

Currently piloting in Manchester, participants receive tools and information to identify the symptoms of gambling harms, adequately support someone and refer them for treatment.

All Chapter One resources and guidance have been independently and expertly developed by clinicians, professionals and people with lived experience of gambling harms, free from industry influence.

You can visit the Chapter One website here.