Independent research is at the heart of our work.

Independent research is fundamental in painting an accurate picture of the current landscape of gambling harm in the UK. It was only through our research that we were able to highlight the established link between gambling disorder and suicide, which had been largely concealed.

All too often, research is funded by the gambling industry and carried out by researchers or organisations partnered with the industry, reminiscent of how the tobacco industry once operated.

Accurate research into the gambling industry and its most dangerous products must be completely independent of the industry itself to have true value.

Our reports

We have published several reports, which you’ll find below. Our reports summarise and comment on key research findings, such as the risks posed by different gambling products and the number of gambling-related suicides in the UK.

We’ve also given evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee, which you’ll find below too, along with our submission to the Gambling Act review Call for Evidence, submitted in March 2021.

For an overview of important stats about gambling, please click here.