GwL launches first-ever fundraising appeal

Gambling with Lives has launched a fundraising appeal to help support families bereaved by gambling suicide.

Every day at least one person dies in the UK because of gambling. Behind every death is a devastated community of family and friends.

Aside from the emotional trauma of losing a loved one, families can struggle with the practicalities following bereavement by gambling suicide, including inquests, funeral arrangements and applying for probate.

Here’s what someone we’ve recently supported said:

“Just having that support of people who are going through the same thing has been incredible.

“Gambling with Lives has given us a window to heal in a way that would have otherwise been denied to us, and we are incredibly grateful.”

Gambling with Lives is the only UK charity founded by and for families bereaved by gambling suicide. We offer a bespoke support service to bereaved family members and friends which includes specialist therapy, legal support through inquests, and events where families can connect with others who understand.

Currently, Gambling with Lives is the only UK charity providing this specialist support. In 2022 we supported over 120 bereaved family members and friends.

Sadly we are being approached by more and more families for support – now on a weekly basis. Families that have used our service have told us that without our support, they do not know how they’d have coped.

You can donate to our appeal here.

To find out more about our family service, click here.