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Gambling with Lives - Parliamentary Launch

Gambling with Lives was formally launched at the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 13th November. The event was attended by nearly 30 family members, over 35 MPs and members of the House of Lords and representatives of all of the key organisations involved in gambling regulation and treatment.

The event was hosted by Paul Blomfield MP and we heard speeches by Jackie Doyle Price (the recently appointed Minister for Suicide Prevention), Carolyn Harris (who has chaired the All Party Parliamentary Group on FOBTs), Lord Chadlington (long term campaigner in the House of Lords) and Charles Ritchie (on of the co-founders of Gambling with Lives).

It was an extremely powerful event and by common consent one of the best Parliamentray launch events of its kind. We'll be publishing a more detailed review soon ... together with pictures of the many people holding the pledge to support the work of Gam

Cross-party support: Gwl Co-founder Liz Ritchie with Iain Duncan Smith MP and Carolyn Harris MP

bling with Lives.

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