As well as reflecting on and learning from our own experiences, and consulting with a range of experts and meeting people who have worked in this area for many years, Gambling with Lives has conducted a research review to identify the key public health issues associated with gambling and inform our own activities. We don't claim it is a comprehensive review, but it highlights the need for regulators, treatment providers, researchers, the industry and individuals to re-examine their thinking and approach to dealing with the public health issues connected with gambling.  The fully referenced document is available here

Some of the organisations below also publish important research which is

available via their websites.  But the world of gambling research is fraught with

problems because of its dependence on industry funding and support, as made

clear in Goldsmith's Fair Game report ... so read critically and beware!



Gambling with Lives is working with other groups and organisations to provide support and raise awareness of gambling harms.  This page includes links to some of the other important organisations that you might wish to contact.


Government and Regulators 

Treatment Commissioners and Providers

Support and campaigning organisations


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